Hey! Where’d my summer go?

Someone tell me because I seem to have misplaced mine.

I always greet the new semester with a mix of dread and excitement, and this one is no exception. The main difference now, I suppose, is just how. freaking. busy the next three months are going to be. Without going too far into the boring details, I can say that I’ve been handling Smudgie’s transition from nanny share to part-time daycare, heading to my college-campus fellowship job anywhere from 1-3 days a week, teaching a class on Sundays, planning Smudgie’s second birthday party, prepping the house for baby (here and there), and trying to finish my second dissertation chapter. And LG is of course slammed at work, too, and has been all summer, so family time is few and far between.

We’re still planning some fall hijinks before our sweet boy becomes a brother– an apple and pumpkin picking expedition, a pig roast hosted by friends, trips around our neighborhood. I’m hoping the frantic schedule we’re dealing with will help us appreciate the time we do get to spend with one another.

But in the meantime! I’m enjoying those summer memories, from a season full of them: trips to Brooklyn playgrounds, to the Hamptons, time spent with family in the city and suburbs, dinners as a threesome in restaurant backyards, a happy boy swimming and shooting down water slides, and one brief, busy, exhaustingly fun trip to San Diego to see some best friends.

Here’s a shot from that last trip. My sweet Smudge-ster getting his first feel of Pacific coast sand:



4 thoughts on “Hey! Where’d my summer go?

  1. I’m with you– and I feel like the next few months are already gone, too. I’ve already ‘spent’ them in terms of time budgeting anyway. I’ll have to just give birth, tuck the baby under my arm, and keep running!!! Smudgie looks so handsome 🙂

  2. I still can’t believe that summer is gone. It really is gone. And I can’t believe how much you have planned for yourself for this fall! Still, it sounds like you’re really making the most of time and that you are really enjoying yourself and your family.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful summer, and when it passes by so quickly you can feel certain that it was a fun one. Making time to spend time together as a family of three is important and it sounds like you’re doing just that. Fall will really set in soon! And with it – big changes! 🙂

  4. Whenever I start to think I’m busy I’m going to re-read your post here! Oh my, you are SO busy! But you sound like you have it all SO under control. This is awesome and I applaud you, mama!

    It’s bittersweet when the summer ends but the fall is also pretty darn good, too. After all, we have H’s and S’s bdays to celebrate. And what a wonderful thing that is to celebrate!

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