New Digs

Moving to a new blog space is kind of like moving apartments. All the new features start out so shiny and appealing–we have a new layout with lots of room! Great views to take in! A fabulous neighborhood to explore!

Followed by the inevitable agitation as you try to cram the equivalent of an overstuffed sectional into a smaller living room nook. And the eventual blase familiarity with all the features that once made your heart sing. And–at least in NYC anyway–the equally inevitable impulse to move. Or at least redecorate.

But! For the time being I am excited about my locale and the opportunities it’s giving me. I’m going to stretch out with all the best intentions for making a home here–you know, whipping up some cookies, setting out the lemonade, putting fresh-cut flowers in all the rooms. Picking up the toddler’s toys. Try to enjoy the flowers now, because those will definitely be the first things to go when inertia sets in.

Even though I haven’t figured out how to arrange all the furniture yet, I can hang some artwork:


This seems to be the sort of place where free-spirited boys ride roosters.